Custom Build PCs

Whether you need a custom built PC for home, gaming PC, or a business computer built for a specific task, User2 can deliver. Boasting over 25 years experience designing specialist PCs for video, audio, graphics design and business, you can be assured of a quality system.

We have a large network of partners and suppliers allowing us to source anything that may be required to meet your needs.

Your options

Gaming PCs

RGB gaming computers built to your specification or budget with top name parts.

Business Computers

Built with selected parts from top name manufacturers to assure reliability.

Self Built PCs

Your own parts but professionally assembled to be assured of a high quality end result.

Video, Audio Editing and CAD

Our high-end workstations will likely fit the bill for demanding video editing software.

Industrial PCs

We build computers for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications to suit specific needs.

Budget PCs

When looking for an entry-level PC on a tight budget, we have options to match.

NAS and Servers

See our Servers and NAS section on what we can do for your company.

Media Servers

Mini PCs to sit centrally on your network for audio, video and file archiving.

Components you will need



Are you looking for maximum processing speed or a PC that will be low on power usage? with or without graphics built in.



Do you need super speed (SSD) or large amounts of storage space (HDD), why not both?



Something small to fit in a specific location or with enough room to add parts later and provide excellent cooling.



We recommend features such as USB C, PCIe NVMe support, and the option to overclock your CPU. Alternatively, you may still be looking for legacy ports such as serial. ITX, Micro ATX and ATX are the most common sizes of board.



Memory is not only for gaming but also essential for productivity and helps to keep things running with multiple tabs or programs open at one time. DDR5 RAM now in store.



Standard cooling will keep things running but what if you need silence or have to deal with extra heat? We can suggest the ideal solution.


Graphic Cards

Dedicated Nvidia or Radeon graphics for gaming, video editing or design work or graphics with the CPU for standard use.  What are you going to use the PC for ?



Essential to get a power supply with enough wattage for the task and that will cope with future upgrades. Typical models range from 450W to 1000W



A good screen can reduce eye strain and improve productivity with a larger space to work. Normal sizes from 21.5″ to 27″ or larger. Full HD, 2K or 4K to suit your application and budget.

Do you need more advice and guidance?

The guidelines above are just some of the points to consider when creating a custom build PC. The next step is to fill in the contact form or speak to one of our experienced members of staff.