Business IT Support

When looking after your own business IT maintenance, valuable time can be eaten up. Could this time be better spent liaising with customers and growing your business?

Business IT Support Edinburgh

Why consider an business IT Support Contract?

Proactive Maintenance

Catching IT failures before they happen leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Knowledge and Expertise

You're lacking the know-how to get the most out of your IT. It's possible that a simple upgrade could transform the way you work.

Data Security

Do concerns about GDPR legislation, Cyber security, data backups, disaster recovery or virus infections make you nervous?

Existing support not reliable?

Are you being let down by your current IT supplier? Maybe now is the time for a refreshing change.

Your own IT department

Having IT support is like having your own IT department at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, it will free up time for you to run your business.


An initial contract term is for 1 year, payable monthly. Thereafter, support is on a one month rolling basis so you're not tied into any lengthy contract. We believe that our support should speak for itself.

Value for money

A home business IT support contract costs from less than 50p per day. Whereas typical small business IT support can cost less than the price of lunch per day... without the calories.

What you need to know


Free site survey

We will carry out a free IT site survey for any local business. Apart from an informative chat, this would cover any IT issues of concern. In addition we will assess the age and suitability of the hardware, network, security, data back ups and software. Finally we will produce a report advising the best way forward to support and enhance your IT.


Rapid response

Our support engineers can be onsite within a few hours when telephone or remote repairs are not feasible. For serious hardware failures, stand by equipment can be supplied. In this way, your business keeps moving whilst your own hardware is repaired or replaced.


What support do I need?

You’re free to choose simple telephone support, remote assistance or a full on site contract. You can also select to have only business-critical machines covered if preferred. The choice is entirely yours!


Proactive monitoring

Firstly, we will implement any IT upgrades agreed. Thereafter, proactive monitoring means we can often resolve problems before you are aware of them.


Contract terms

 We won’t tie you into any long term contracts. Our initial 1 year contract term payable monthly, is followed on a rolling monthly basis. We believe that our service and support will speak for itself.

Who do we currently support?

User2 currently works for over 100 organisations offering business IT support and services, such as Microsoft 365 Support. Sectors include hotels and hospitality, healthcare, architects, charities, embassies, education, recruitment, construction services, manufacturing and retail.

Sizes of businesses we support are from single owner run to over 200 employee over multiple sites.

If a formal support contract with rapid response and proactive monitoring isn’t for you, we also offer a range of ad-hoc services to keep your business moving.

Call us now on 0131 662 9955 or email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Whatever the size of your business, an IT support contract will ensure you get the best advice regarding IT procedures, software, security and backup. Unless you have a lot of spare time and the knowledge required, the efficiencies gained by having a team of experts to assist with IT issues will reap benefits by allowing you to get on with running your business and serving your clients.

Cloud based storage such as Microsoft Onedrive or Sharepoint is often safer than a traditional hardware server. Passwords by themselves are not very secure so it’s always essential to use 2FA/MFA (Two factor or Multi Factor Authentication) whenever possible. User2 can support your security and cloud based IT.

We always recommend having data backed up in two separate places, ideally a cloud based and hardware based backup. We can advise on cloud to cloud backup if using Microsoft 365 or Google Drive and a NAS (Network Accessible Storage) back up system for hardware backup.

General advice on this is no, do not regularly rotate passwords. It is important to have different passwords for each platform and to have complex passwords rather than a simple “P@ssword123”. A password such as “Treeoffermanifest” can be easy to remember but not particularly easy for a hacker to crack. It is important to note, however, that any password can be cracked and use of two factor authentication (2FA) linked to your mobile, preferably through authenticator app, is essential.