Laptop Chargers

One of the most commonly requested spare parts are laptop chargers and power supplies. Consequently, we stock a wide range of PSU’s and charging cables as well as MacBook, tablet, mobile phone and ipad power solutions.

Faulty power supply?


Bare wires or physical breaks

If your pet bunny has nibbled through the wires, you know a new PSU is required. But has it also shorted the laptop, bring it in and we’ll take a look.


Charges if you hold it at an angle

A very common fault and often misdiagnosed as a faulty PSU. In fact it may be a loose or faulty motherboard DC socket.


Battery won't charge but the laptop turns on

Often misdiagnosed as a faulty battery when it could be the PSU or DC socket. For example, does your Dell or HP PSU have a centre pin (smart charger)? A broken centrepin can power the laptop but not charge the battery.


No power lights

Although this could be the PSU, it could also be a motherboard or socket fault. Battery running down – A common mistake is to rush to buy a new battery. In fact it was the PSU all along.


Lost or forgotten charger

A no-brainer here. Preferably bring in your machine, or call with the make and model number so we can match up the correct replacement.

Do you need more advice and guidance?

Let User2 take away the guesswork. Make the most of our FREE at the counter testing, we will provide an on the spot diagnosis without you having to make a costly mistake. If the PSU is faulty, we’ll likely have you up and running in less than 10 minutes.

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