IT Security & IT Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows employees to be flexible and mobile, whilst in close contact with colleagues. Software such as Microsoft 365 along with Onedrive cloud data storage enable easy and secure access to company data, emails and applications. So whether on mobiles, tablets or laptops, cloud IT services can promote and empower an efficient workforce.

Services available


Microsoft 365 Support

The most efficient and cost effective route to keep up to date with the latest Office software. Data shares through Onedrive / Sharepoint ensure efficient working practices.


Hosted email

Exchange email distribution and synchronisation across devices and employees with shared calendars. Accessible on device or via cloud app. Available with Microsoft 365 business products or 3rd party provider.


Cloud data backup

Data backup is one of the most important daily routines for any business. Cloud data backup is an essential part of your data armoury and automated via our recommended solutions.


Cloud software and databases

Most applications, whether accounting packages, databases or specialist CRM software are now available as a cloud solutions. Although vendor support is recommended, we can install and support programs such as Sage, Digita, Salesforce, Clear Thinking etc. If you don’t currently have a solution, there is probably a cloud alternative specifically for your sector that we can advise upon.



In an internet world full of threats, additional levels of security are essential to any computer user.  Our recommended security suite is multi layered according to your risks and budget and would generally be offered as part of a fully managed support contract.

Do you need more IT security advice and guidance?

As your workforce grows, the scalability of cloud IT solutions, hosted email and Microsoft 365 Support will allow you to expand, contact us now!

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