Laptop Repairs

When your trusty laptop starts to misbehave it can be frustrating. Here at User2 in Edinburgh, laptop repairs need not take long at all. It could be that the machine is taking an age to boot, overheating, packed with virus infections or it’s in need of a new laptop screen. Just know we are here to trust for a reliable job at an affordable price.

However, before you start looking for a solution, it pays to know a little bit about common problems.

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

Laptop screen repairs, faulty hard drives, liquid damage, virus removal and more


Laptop screen repairs

When your laptop screen packs in it can feel like the world is going to end, but we can replace your broken one with a new or refurbished LCD or LED screen. Occasionally a flickering or black dimmed display is caused by a faulty ribbon cable.


Failing or faulty hard drives

There are many signs of a faulty hard drive, if your laptop runs incredibly slow, repeated program crashes, frequent errors or if you hear grinding/ticking noises, you probably have a faulty hard drive and are in need of a replacement.


Liquid damage

A spillage on your laptop may not result in an instant fault. Liquid damage is something that must have urgent attention though. Remember not to try and turn on your laptop.



Worn down keys, sticky keys or a non-responsive keyboard. It’s time for a replacement keyboard.


Broken DC or power socket

If the charger’s cable is loose in the socket or it’s losing power intermittently then your laptop might need a socket repair or replacement.



If your laptop’s battery charge is not lasting as long as it used to, or it simply won’t turn on without a charger, then the battery could do with a replacement. Get your brand new battery the next day and order a standard or extended life model.


Virus removal

Fake pop ups, unwanted software and dodgy registry values can all cause an unresponsive laptop or even worse – data loss.


Software issues

OS corruption, the dreaded “blue screen of death”, missing drivers and email problems are all issues that we can resolve.


Faulty hinges

Hinges are often a weak point of many laptops. The plastics can break and the whole screen can give way, but we can repair most damage economically.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Most standard screens are very cost effective to replace and we keep many types in stock. Touch screens are typically expensive and some will require the full top assembly replacing. Good news is that most laptops will take an external monitor to enable easy data recovery and temporary use.

Where one or more keys are affected or when a single key press activates multiple keys, it’s likely the palm rest including the keyboard will need to be replaced. When an individual key has come off, it may be possible to replace the individual key.

If you have to wiggle the power jack or hold it at an angle to get it to charge it’s likely that you need a DC jack repair which we can do in store. Initially, we’ll test it with a new charger in store at the counter in case it’s an easy fix.

A dead laptop could be as simple as a new charger, internal power reset, battery short or DC jack issue. When it’s down to a faulty motherboard, it should still be possible to recover your critical data, but it’s likely to be time for a replacement laptop.