MacBook Repairs

Is your MacBook starting to show signs of age and is acting sluggish or has a physical or software fault? If so, there could be a MacBook repair for your model before you decide on replacing it. Here at User2 in Edinburgh, we have decades of experience fixing all generations of MacBooks.

Macbook Repairs Edinburgh

Common MacBook repairs


Screen repairs

We can replace your broken screen with a new or refurbished LED screen. However, a black screen may be caused by a faulty LVDS cable instead which will also need a replacement rather than be repaired.


Failed or failing hard drives

If your older generation MacBook is slow, stops booting, or if you hear ticking noises, you probably have a failing HDD. We can upgrade it to a fast SSD drive.


Liquid damage

A liquid spillage on your MacBook may not result in instant death. It is however something that must have urgent attention. Please remember not to turn on your machine after spillage.


Keyboard replacement

Does your Apple MacBook have worn down keys, sticky keys or a non responsive keyboard. It’s time for a replacement keyboard.


Broken or dirty power socket

If the magnetic charger won’t connect properly to the MacBook, or it’s losing power intermittently, then it may need a socket repair or replacement.


Faulty MagSafe charger

We stock both Apple original and high quality compatible chargers in store including the new style USB C chargers.


Battery replacement

Apple batteries can be more expensive than others pending on your model or specification. Some are easy to fit, others are tricky workshop replacements and prices vary greatly.


Virus removal

Not so critical in a MacBook, however they are still prone to hacking attempts and security issues. If you’re concerned about security, bring it in.


Software issues

Mac OS corruption, old version of Mac OS that needs updating or application are all issues we can resolve.

Do you need more MacBook repair guidance and advice?

Speak to one of our experienced technicians or bring the MacBook in for assessment. As a Which? Trusted Trader you can be assured of receiving the best possible care for your service.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

An old Macbook may not support a current Mac OS operating system once it’s repaired, but we may be able to recover important documents and photos. A replacement refurbished Macbook through us may be more cost effective than a repair in the long term.

Yes, it’s possible to replace batteries in Macbooks but some can be quite tricky because they are glued into the chassis. Have the Macbook serial number to hand when you’re making your inquiry and we can advise.

It’s important to remove all power from the Macbook (or laptop) as quickly as possible. Turn the machine off fully and remove the charger and battery if accessible. Drain and dry off any excess fluid with a soft cloth and bring it to us as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to turn the machine back on as it will likely fry the internal electronics.