PC Parts

Whether you need PC parts for a repair or a new system, we are likely to stock what you need. On the rare occasion that we don’t, we can order to store ready for you to collect the next business day.

User2 has a large network of suppliers and stock brands such as Intel, AMD, Corsair, Kingston, Samsung, Antec, Fractal, BeQuiet, Gigabyte, Asus, TP Link, Marvo, Logitech, Arctic and many more.  This means even those parts you are struggling to acquire, we can source. Plus, our staff regularly check for the latest releases from our suppliers to bring you the best options.


Hard drives

We offer a large range of hard drives including standard Sata and NMVe M.2 SSD, 2.5″ and 3.5″ data drives and even legacy IDE drives.


Power supplies

 Gold, silver and bronze rated PSUs with and without modular support.



 Keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets, webcams, USB Sticks, SD cards, external hard drives and printers in stock.



A large selection of new and used monitors of all sizes and specifications.



Everything from legacy EDO to the latest DDR5 memory, both PC and laptop.


Solid state drives

Want a serious speed boost for your ageing PC or laptop? An SSD is it!


Graphic cards

From basic dedicated PCIe and legacy graphics cards up to the latest RTX4090 gaming power.


Essential PC parts

Internal SATA cables, screws and standoffs, heatsink thermal paste, IO cards and CPU fans and water coolers.



We stock a number of PC cases and case fans varying in size and specification.

Fitting Service

Not only do we supply PC parts, but we also fit them and can even provide a complete PC build service for your own parts. Ask in-store for details.

Call us now on 0131 662 9955 or email [email protected]