Tech Tip – How To Organise Your Bookmarks In Chrome

If you’ve got a long list of bookmarks in Google Chrome that’s not in order, using ‘Bookmark Manager’ can help get your bookmarks organised and easily navigable. Here’s how to use it:

– In Chrome, top right, click on the three dots and select Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.

– Your bookmark list, with a border around the outside, will be displayed in the centre of the screen.

– Click outside the border of the list, right mouse click, and click on ‘Add new folder.’

– Name the folder, e.g. travel, work, food, music, and click and drag bookmarks from your list into the appropriate folders.

– If you want to be more specific and super-organised, you can set up folders within folders.

– Chrome will build a folder menu on the left-hand side of the screen enabling you to easily navigate between your bookmark folders.  

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